Thursday, September 22, 2011

When a Child is Sick

Have you ever wondered where mothers get their energy? I have. I am a mother myself and I have, on most occasions, found myself physically tired and drained after a long day of doing my motherly and wifely duties at home for my family. I usually look forward to a good night's sleep to recharge my body for the next day's demand.

All is well when everyone is well... but what if a member of my family, say my child, gets sick and I had to stay awake all night to guard and monitor his or her condition? what if, assuming that no guarding/monitoring needs to be done, I couldn't force myself to close my eyes for a few minutes of sleep because I worry about my child? How do I recharge my energy? On these occasions I discovered that even without sleeping, I have a lot of energy. Now, where did I get it? Allow me to think out loud.

I believe it's motherly love. I call it motherly because I don't see it in my spouse who always seemed to be as sleepy as usual even on those occasions when a child of ours is sick. Indeed, a mother's love is a fountain of strength more potent than any energy-giving potion or concoction you could ever find. I found that it can cure a mother's headache or a cold that was there a few minutes before her child became sick. It can diminish a mother's need for sleep and give her the energy to share with her child through her consoling hugs and kisses. It can make a mother's brain work at a faster and more efficient rate (even if she appears to be panicking). It can even give a mother telepathic abilities for somehow a mother knows just exactly what her sick child needs (a talent not possessed by fathers --- at least not by my husband). Mother's love can also cure depression. A mother with depression suddenly finds that she no longer wallows in her chronic sadness and instead is able to rechannel positive energy from her to her sick child.

Mother's love. I witnessed it at work when I was a child with my own mother and I now find that it works for me too now that I am a mother myself. Amazing!

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